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This project was to design several rooms in an open plan "Huff" style property including the following : kitchen area, en-suite bathrooms, main and guest bedrooms. The large main area on the first floor was to contain kitchen, dining area, relaxing day area, evening lounge space with a small office section and finally a small cloakroom area.

The Kitchen was designed to create a working environment where everybody can work without getting in one anothers' way and to allow easy access from one side to the other without walking all the way round. The case for using 2 sinks are one for food prep and the other for cleaning. Due to the amazing views the breakfast bar is a stand-alone facing out over the coastal view instead of the usual type facing onto the island it also faces a small relaxing seating area so the someone could be reading and someone eating say breakfast but still able to talk to one another easily.

Due to the limited footplate of the building the ground floor areas were very tight so space was at a premium and one of the en-suites had to service two bedrooms so included in this area was 2 entrance doors to allow access from each bedroom.I suggested that the doors were positioned in one corner of the room at right angles to each other so that as you enter you can lock both doors easily.

The master bedroom however was reasonable size and after moving a wall and door to create better access for the en-suite, which also enabled a walk in wardrobe area,the ensuite was also big enough to accommodate 2 basins with units and tall storage cupboards between. A large walk-in shower area was also provided and a compact wc fitted in one corner.Also in the walk in wardrobe area we provided a washer/dryer as it made sense to have the clothes cleaning element on this level.

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